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Optibrium and The Edge Collaborate on integrated software

Optibrium and The Edge Software Consultancy, developers of software products and services for drug discovery and development, have announced a collaboration to provide an integrated platform linking the StarDrop and BioRails software packages.

This new combined software has been designed to reduce the time and cost of identifying new optimisation strategies and high-quality target compounds. This is achieved by combining the software functionality to provide a discovery workflow that links the latest research data directly from the lab through to decision making regarding the next round of synthesis and testing.

Dr Matthew Segall, CEO of Optibrium, commented: ‘We are delighted to be working with The Edge to provide integrated solutions to our mutual customers. We know that gaining convenient access to the latest data and using them to make good optimisation decisions is a challenge, particularly for smaller organisations without an established informatics infrastructure, and this collaboration enables us to provide a complete solution to their needs.’

BioRails enables organisations to optimise the generation of high-quality biological results stored in a dedicated data mart. The link with StarDrop’s capabilities for compound design, optimisation and data analysis provide project teams with fast access to the latest data on their compounds, leading to better decisions and shorter project timelines.

Researchers can now seamlessly retrieve their biological results from BioRails using an intuitive, drag-and-drop search interface within StarDrop that enables users to create, share and execute database queries. StarDrop can help researchers to visualise and interpret this data and its relationships with compound structures, clearly highlighting the best chemistries and multi-parameter optimisation strategies for drug discovery.

‘We were impressed with the design elements of Optibrium’s solutions, which rely on access to high-quality results. The complimentary aspects of our solutions were clear, and our experience of working together to the benefit of our customers has been very positive. We look forward to bringing this capability to many more organisations, large and small’, said Dr Andrew Lemon, The Edge’s CEO. 


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