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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory selects workflow solution

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a US Department of Energy research laboratory, is using Symyx workflows to supplement its high-throughput and combinatorial catalyst technology capabilities. These systems will be used for PNNL's research in biomass conversion and alternative energy - specifically, for the high-throughput synthesis and primary screening of heterogeneous catalysts.

The new Symyx systems will be fully integrated into existing Symyx workflows at The Institute of Interfacial Catalysis and will be housed in the Bioproducts, Sciences and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL). BSEL is a multipurpose research and development facility that advances the science, engineering, and processes for bio-based product manufacture.

'We have worked with Symyx for several years and are eager to put these new systems to work. Symyx technology is an integral part of our combinatorial and high-throughput research efforts,' said John Holladay, manager, Biomass Business Sector at PNNL. 'Symyx pioneered this field and continues to be the industry leader in high-throughput technologies for catalysis.'


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