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OptimaNumerics signs up Cluster Tech

OptimaNumerics has signed a reselling agreement with Cluster Technology (Clustertech).

Cluster Technology specialises in Grid and high performance computing (HPC) technologies. The company offers a wide spectrum of solutions in financial engineering, business intelligence and scientific research to accelerate and improve time-critical and mission-critical applications. Clustertech's professional services enable our clients to fully use the latest computing technologies, maximising returns on their investments.


Dr Kenneth Tan, CEO of OptimaNumerics, said, ‘OptimaNumerics is delighted to have Clustertech as our reseller. Clustertech's concentration in high performance computing to accelerate and improve end users' time-critical and mission-critical applications complements well with OptimaNumerics' products. This partnership is key in our Asia Pacific strategy.’ 

OptimaNumerics Libraries, with linear algebra, parallel linear algebra and parallel random number generators modules, provide high performance versions of LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, PETSc, SuperLU, PLFG and SPRNG libraries.

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