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Optibrium and Cresset announce technology exchange

Optibrium, a provider of software solutions for drug discovery, and software and services provider Cresset, will be collaborating on the development of next-generation platforms. The two companies will combine their unique approaches to help drug discovery projects quickly identify novel, potent compounds with a high chance of success downstream.

The collaboration will involve a two-way exchange of technologies. Optibrium’s ADME models, currently provided as a plug-in module for its StarDrop software platform, will be made available to users of Cresset’s desktop applications. Similarly, Cresset’s FieldAlign software, which helps chemists understand the three-dimensional structure-activity-relationship of their chemistry in order to design active compounds, will be available as an optional plug-in module for StarDrop. StarDrop aids project teams in confidently targeting compounds with a good balance of properties for their therapeutic objectives.

Achieving a combination of potency with appropriate ADME and safety properties is essential to the discovery of high-quality drug candidates. Cresset’s molecular field technology provides insight into the biological activity, properties and interactions of molecules, which enables biologically meaningful comparisons that are not limited by two-dimensional structures.


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