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OpenSpirit connectivity added to seismic analysis software

ffA has added OpenSpirit connectivity to the latest release of its desktop 3D seismic analysis software.

ffA Technology provides a powerful and flexible platform for 3D seismic analysis that allows interpreters to extract information from 3D seismic data objectively with efficiency and accuracy. This translates to substantial improvement in reservoir characterisation and 3D geological model construction, alongside better understanding of exploration risk and shorter interpretation cycles.

OpenSpirit delivers vendor-neutral integration solutions that impact the way energy professionals around the world leverage and interact with their data. Geoscientists gain seamless access to data from any OpenSpirit-enabled data store and can combine diverse applications to generate innovative cross-vendor workflows.

By incorporating the OpenSpirit data interoperability framework as part of its 3D seismic analysis solution, ffA offers customers an enhanced level of integration and more importantly the flexibility to create robust and value-added workflows using data from across their petro-technical environment.

With the OpenSpirit connectivity, users of ffA's SVI Pro application on Windows and from SEA 3D Pro on Linux can access an alternative route to easily import both 3D seismic and well data, and export 3D seismic data back into the data store. In addition, a significant additional advantage of the system is the ability to create SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro's project setup directly from the data store with the appropriate integration of coordinate reference system information.


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