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Open call from Géant

Géant, the pan-European research and education (R&E) network, has issued its first competitive open call for additional beneficiaries to carry out multi-domain network research and development activities.

Géant open calls are structured around three key themes:

  • RTD users/use cases/projects to make use of existing Géant production and experimental network facilities;
  • Self-contained utility packages of work that can be used by the ongoing RTD work programmes in GN3plus; and
  • RTD to promote, develop and demonstrate innovation in a multi-domain research and education networking environment.

Activities will be partly funded rather than fully funded, in alignment with the funding schema defined for research activities by the European Commission (up to 75 per cent of direct costs). Full details of how to submit a proposal can be found at: The deadline for submissions is 29 May, 2013.   

Géant technical coordinator Michael Enrico explained: 'In order to meet the needs of the R&E community we must maintain excellence in innovation. Our first open call opportunity reflects our commitment to Géant users and our vision for GN3plus. The goal for which is to drive knowledge creation and learning in Europe, by delivering world-class connectivity and services.

'We are appealing to the best and brightest minds. We hope to hear from partners with early-stage research projects that could lead to breakthrough networking technologies. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with the world-class Géant network and help promote the unimpeded movement of scientific knowledge.'


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