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Fluid dynamics simulations used to simulate biodiesel injection

LMS International has announced that its Imagine.Lab AMESim fluid dynamics software has been used successfully in a French research project simulating fuel injection systems. The project NADIA (New Advanced Diesel Injection Analysis for Biofuels), which was publicly funded, has resulted in characterisation of fluid properties for various blends of biodiesel and increasing the pressure level (up to 3000 bar) of classical diesels fluid properties. CFD1D dynamic flow piping models validated with test data were also implemented in the latest version of LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim. New injector nozzle models, developed thanks to 3D CFD and experimental results, will also permit more detailed geometric modelling and maximum accuracy concerning injector dynamics.

Patrick Gastaldi, technical expert and manager for diesel combustion systems at Renault Powertrain Division, commented: 'NADIA is a great opportunity for French industrial and research partners to join forces and reinforce their competitiveness in diesel injection. This three-year public-funded program will create a real network to gather the experimental and numerical competences required to develop more efficient diesel engines. Better simulation of the entire injection system, via LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, will be a major result of NADIA.'

Noureddine Guerrassi, common rail advanced applications manager at Delphi Diesel Systems, added: 'Injection system simulation requires continuous upgrading and validation due to the permanent evolution of diesel injection technologies. With the composition complexity of the new diesel fuel, its behaviour under extremely high pressure, and wide operating temperatures, enlarging the fuel characteristics library and improving injector nozzle simulation within the NADIA project can enhance the predictive potential of LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim.'

Within the scope of NADIA, LMS International collaborates with CD-Adapco France, Delphi, IAV France, IFP, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Total and several renowned government laboratories from France’s CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). Bringing together comprehensive, industrial diesel injection expertise, NADIA lets LMS and its partners cover all aspects of fuel injection technology from the chemical to burning soot in the combustion chamber.


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