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NHS trust uses Matrix LIMS to record fridge occupancy

Autoscribe, a provider of informatics software, has announced its Matrix tracker LIMS has been chosen by The Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust in the UK.

The Matrix Tracker system is a configurable, expandable tracking system designed to enhance compliance, providing improved traceability and accountability. It is also used to track each item (or person), by positively identifying the current item location, owner and chain of custody. With the software, there is the opportunity to expand and link to other systems, and it can easily be upgraded to full LIMS functionality.

It is essential to accurately record ‘fridge occupancy’ at the mortuary to improve the efficiency at which the trust operates, and to ensure that there is no occasion where there are no spare fridges available to hold bodies arriving at the mortuary. It is also important to keep track of the bodies to ensure they are moved on as quickly as possible and that each body is sent to the correct location when they leave.

The system allows the tracking of pathology samples that have been taken before arrival at the mortuary along with tissue release wishes and the religion of the deceased, if required, to comply with HTA recommendations.

One of the features implemented by the Trust using the LIMS is a bereavement notice that is e-mailed from the system as well as a coroner’s report that is created by the software.

The LIMS system meets all the current mortuary regulations including CPA (Clinical Pathology Accreditation).


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