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Next generation sequencing platform selects data management partner

GenoLogics' Geneus lab and data management system for genomics is being used by Illumina to provide a combined solutuion with the latter's sequencing platform, Genome Analyser.

The principles of the Illumina business partnership with GenoLogics include working on many initiatives across the company and making Illumina's customers aware of the unique strengths of the Geneus solution. From a technology perspective, the partnership provides customers with a clear path to obtain an end-to-end lab and data management solution for next generation sequencing as well as a single system for enabling cross-genomics experiments.

Geneus supports Illumina's Genome Analyzer and iScan data workflows for multiple genomics applications and provides genomics centers with an end-to-end solution from sample and workflow tracking to automating their bioinformatics pipelining and enabling reporting. Geneus is fully compatible with Illumina sequencing software components including GenomeStudio.


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