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Napatech's 100 Gbps throughput with Dell servers

Napatech, vendor of intelligent adapters for network monitoring and analysis, has achieved 100 Gbps throughput on a Dell PowerEdge R720 rack server. This makes the PowerEdge R720 ideal for OEM vendors of network appliances who need to analyse up to 10 ports at speeds of 10 Gbps.

'As part of our testing of the latest Dell PowerEdge servers, we were excited to see that the PowerEdge R720 was capable of providing 100 Gbps of throughput, something we have not seen previously,' said Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO of Napatech. 'This is a significant milestone and shows the tremendous power that is now available in standard servers.'

'We are excited by the performance that Napatech was able to achieve using a Dell PowerEdge R720 server and Napatech’s NT20E2 adapters,' added Ron Pugh, executive director and general manager at Dell OEM Solutions.

'The latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers were designed for optimal performance and this demonstration highlights the type of capabilities our OEM customers are able to bring to their end users by working with Dell and Napatech.'

The configuration of the test was:

  • Dell PowerEdge R720 with dual hex-core Intel Xeon E5-2600, 2.5 GHz processors; and
  • 5 x Napatech NT20E2 dual port 10 Gbps low-profile adapters.

With this test set-up, 10 ports of 10 Gbps traffic was generated and captured using a packet capture application. The test was run over several hours without the loss of a single packet.

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