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Moonshot delivers stellar performance, says HP

HP has unveiled its Moonshot system, which is says is delivering compelling new infrastructure economics by using up to 89 per cent less energy, 80 per cent less space and costing 77 per cent less than traditional servers.

The new system is the second-generation server from HP’s Project Moonshot and is engineered to address the IT challenges created by social, cloud, mobile and Big Data. HP Moonshot servers are built from chips more commonly found in smartphones and tablets, which allow the servers to deliver reduced energy use and a high-density footprint, all at a lower cost, says the company.

The HP Moonshot system consists of the HP Moonshot 1500 enclosure and application-optimised HP ProLiant Moonshot servers. These servers will offer processors from multiple HP partners, each targeting a specific workload.

With support for up to 1,800 servers per rack, HP says the Moonshot servers occupy one-eighth of the space required by traditional servers.

'With nearly 10 billion devices connected to the internet and predictions for exponential growth, we’ve reached a point where the space, power and cost demands of traditional technology are no longer sustainable,' said Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer, HP.

'HP Moonshot marks the beginning of a new style of IT that will change the infrastructure economics and lay the foundation for the next 20 billion devices.'

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