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Minitab adds blog on statistical tools, tips and techniques

Minitab, the provider of software for quality improvement and statistics education, has introduced the Minitab Blog, where it will offer tools, tips and techniques for data analysis and quality improvement.

Visitors to will find a wide array of topics covered by Minitab’s authors. Contributors to the blog include statistical trainers, technical writers, tech support specialists and other experts. With new content added each weekday, Minitab Blog authors keep things interesting by writing about quality improvement and statistics as it applies to their everyday lives and coincides with the news.

'Our authors have an astonishingly wide range of interests, experiences and specialities, and that’s reflected in what they write,' says Eston Martz, creative services specialist at Minitab, who oversees the blog. 'We always write with statistics or quality improvement in mind, but beneath that broad umbrella we’ve had posts about wedding plans, fantasy football, gas mileage, pierogies, video games and more.'


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