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Millipore selects a LIMS

Bioanalytical products and services provider Millipore has revealed that it has implemented a Thermo Fisher Scientific Watson LIMS within its Preclinical and Clinical Development Services group, located in St. Charles, Missouri, USA. The group will use Watson LIMS in its Regulatory Compliant Laboratory, a leading contract research organisation (CRO) in the development, validation and application of ligand binding assays that enable the development of biopharmaceuticals and translational biomarker applications.

Millipore takes advantage of the enterprise connectivity inherent in Watson LIMS by also using Thermo Scientific Integration Manager to provide the connectivity necessary to enable Watson LIMS to be fully integrated with the laboratory’s instrumentation, other proprietary databases, and ERP systems enterprise-wide. The inclusion of Thermo Scientific Designer further enables a more consistent and easy-to-use reporting system for the data created and stored in the Watson database. By this three-fold installation of Watson LIMS, Integration Manager and Designer connecting laboratory instruments and the source of the data to the LIMS (which stores and manages the data), and the reporting tools (for analysing the output of the data), Millipore has integrated its Regulatory Compliant Laboratory with the rest of the organisation, enabling management to have access to critical laboratory data when they need it, and in a format that will allow for improved management decision-making.


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