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Market study reveals 20 per cent growth for ELNs

Atrium Research has published the 2008 Electronic Laboratory Notebook Survey. This study contains the results and analysis of a survey of information technology, management, and scientific personnel in the life sciences, chemical, academic, government and food markets. Comprehensive data and analysis are reported on dozens of questions answered by 527 professionals from more than 20 countries. The report highlights user and prospective user opinions on data management challenges, technology interest, motivations, project goals, purchase timing, integration needs, and supplier product and brand perception.

According to the report, the market for ELNs is exploding, with more than 30 suppliers offering commercial solutions. One of the fastest growing informatics markets with a growth rate of nearly 20 per cent per year, ELNs are radically improving the effectiveness of laboratory operations. ELNs enable new approaches to knowledge management, collaboration, and data integration.

'We project sustained double-digit growth for ELNs for at least the next three years,' said Michael H Elliott, founder and CEO of Atrium Research. 'Our study shows the use of the technology expanding beyond early adopters in research synthetic chemistry into domains such as biology and analytical chemistry. Commercial life sciences continue to lead adoption; more than 30 per cent of biopharmaceutical companies have installed an ELN in at least one department.'


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