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LMS chosen by French and German national research centres

LMS has entered into an agreement with DLR (the German national research centre for aeronautics and space, transportation and energy) and ONERA (the French national aerospace research centre) to deliver their next-generation ground vibration testing (GVT) systems.

'DLR and ONERA each ordered a 384-channel LMS Test.Lab GVT solution, which can be combined to form a 768-channel test system,' says Dr Jan Leuridan, executive vice-president and CTO of LMS International. Their decision confirms our position as the leading industrial partner for GVT testing. Both DLR and ONERA have developed their know-how for GVT testing over many years, and have a claim to fame for GVT testing in the aviation industry. We look forward to contributing to the advancement of the overall GVT methods and practices at these industry-leading organisations.'

With important GVT campaigns planned for the 2010-2011 time-frame, ONERA and DLR investigated various industrial players. Following successful GVT benchmarks, DLR and ONERA selected LMS and decided to base their new GVT systems on the LMS Test.Lab GVT solution. This solution already covers all common GVT requirements, and could easily be configured to fully manage DLR and ONERA’s specific GVT methods and practices. Additionally, the LMS Test.Lab GVT solution proved to have the necessary openness to integrate customised procedures to support DLR and ONERA’s research initiatives.


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