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Liquid deal for Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield Enterprise Security has announced that it now offers LiquidCool Solutions as part of its product lines available for purchase.

LiquidCool Solutions, based in Rochester, MN., boasted the world’s first commercially available high-performance PCs, top-end workstations, and servers with total liquid submersion cooling technology. LiquidCool’s patent portfolio boasts 14 granted patents and 21 patent pending.

'We are delighted to announce that we have leveraged our relationship with CPI Partner Direct – one of Sword & Shield's sales agents – to offer the LiquidCool product,' said Sword & Shield director of marketing and programs, Raymond Kahre.

The company says the product is suited to military and intelligence communities, but that civilian customers will also find LiquidCool to be an effective, innovative, and green solution for their data centres.

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