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Darkstrand collaborates with Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Darkstrand has announced a collaborative agreement with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), enabling corporations connected anywhere on the Darkstrand Network to collaborate in real time with PSC on HPC projects. Network connectivity also provides companies with a direct line to PSC's technical consultants, application experts, supercomputing systems and mass-storage capabilities. Corporations and research facilities that reside on the Darkstrand Network can now connect seamlessly to leverage research and computing resources in previously unknown levels of collaboration across geographies.   

A joint effort of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh and a leading partner in the TeraGrid, the National Science Foundation's cyberinfrastructure program, PSC provides university, government, and industrial researchers with access to several of the most powerful systems available for HPC and data-handling.

'This collaboration will expand the reach of HPC into the corporate environment,' said PSC executive director David Moses. 'Through Darkstrand's connectivity, American business will have ready access not only to the amazing hardware and software tools that have transformed scientific research over the past 20 years but also, and just as importantly, they will be able to interact with a consulting staff second-to-none in knowing how to use these tools to get results. This is an important win for US economic competitiveness.'

'Darkstrand is launching a new R&D collaboration model for corporate America, in which bandwidth is no longer a constraint on innovation. PSC provides the integrated HPC environment, deep technical support and PhD-level consultants needed to fast forward discovery in science, engineering and advanced computing,' said Michael Stein, CEO, Darkstrand. 'From simulation to prototype, insight to market, our work together serves as a turnkey solution tailored to improve our country's competitive advantage.'

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