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Labtronics LimsLink now integrates with Agilent's OpenLAB ECM

Labtronics has released a connector between LimsLink and Agilent's OpenLAB ECM, making it easy for laboratories to connect instruments to both a LIMS and OpenLAB ECM at the same time.

Using LimsLink, a single parser needs to be defined for each instrument. Once LimsLink understands the data, it is able to send results to LIMS, and metadata to OpenLAB ECM. It then also sends the original data file to OpenLAB ECM. Customers already using LimsLink can add this extra functionality without major changes to their current interface methods.

LimsLink is also able to exchange data between the LIMS and OpenLAB ECM. For example it is able to transfer LIMS sample information to the ECM. It is also able to take the OpenLAB ECM URL that points to the raw data file and send it to LIMS. With this information the analyst can now click on the URL in LIMS and immediately see the raw data file associated with any results. This makes review of data in LIMS much easier.

LimsLink is also able to interface other third party systems such as ELN or SAP to OpenLAB ECM. 


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