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Lab network picks LimsLink

An analytical testing company has chosen LimsLink from Labtronics as the single instrument/LIMS interfacing solution for all of its laboratory instruments at all of its lab facilities.

In addition to creating new interfaces, LimsLink will replace already existing interfaces that had been custom programmed over the years. 

Eliminating these custom coded interfaces and implementing LimsLink as its standard interfacing solution will reduce the workload for its IT group and reduce the costs related to developing and supporting instrument interfacing throughout the organisation. 

A three-member implementation team has completed a one-week LimsLink training course introducing them to LimsLink's configuration process that uses radio buttons, drop-down menus, special processing modules and an exclusive graphic parser to simplify creation of highly sophisticated and highly functional interfaces 

With that limited amount of training the team is already implementing interfaces for their ICPs, ICPMS, chromatography systems and other lab instruments. Once LimsLink is fully deployed within their organisation, the group will have interfaced hundreds of instruments.  


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