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First installation of Genologics' Geneus

GenoLogics’ genomics product Geneus, has been installed at a first customer site, the University of Pittsburgh Genomics and Proteomics Core Laboratories (GPCL).

This is the first in a string of customers planning on implementing the software, including the University of Glasgow ’s Sir Henry Wellcome Functional Genomics Facility, which will be installing Geneus later in the year.

Geneus includes science-specific modules that are purposed for multiple platforms within genomics application areas. It also includes integrations to various genomics instruments and software.

It is built on an open, configurable, adaptable platform to accommodate evolving technologies and changes in lab operations, and is fully customisable. It supports multiple labs, sciences and facilities.

GPCL currently uses GenoLogics’ Proteus, a lab and data management solution for proteomics research.

In the future, GenoLogics plans to integrate Geneus with various technology platform’s, including one from Illumina, for gene expression and genotyping applications.


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