Intersect360 Research predicts growth in global HPC market

Intersect360 Research, a market research company specialising in the high-performance computing industry, has released a market forecast detailing the expected compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) predicted for the HPC industry over the next five years.

The report details the value of the total worldwide HPC market, which Intersect360 claims is valued at approximately $28.6 billion in 2015 – up 2.7 per cent from 2014.

Intersect360 Research reports that the global HPC market will achieve 5.2 per cent CAGR from 2015 to 2020, reaching $36.9 billion at the end of the forecast period.

Servers make up the largest component of this market in terms of sales. It is expected that server sales will reach $10.6 billion in 2015, which represents growth of 4.0 per cent from 2014.

The Interesct360 report states: ‘2015 saw continued realignment of supplier position based on the sale of IBM’s x86 server business to Lenovo. Expectations varied by economic sector but were generally more bullish than supplier results might suggest. Cloud computing maintained a high level of interest, even as current spending remained relatively low.’

‘We continue to believe the fundamental growth drivers of the HPC market remain strong. However, we believe that spending in public sectors is currently constrained by a long-term shift towards government austerity policies, particularly in the United States and Europe. Thus we expect commercial and industrial spending to become an increasingly important part of the overall HPC market.’

This prediction is mirrored by the results of the market forecast which show that the industrial HPC sector is driving growth overall in the HPC market. Industrial HPC is set to grow by 6.8 per cent over the forecast period.

The full report, which includes a full breakdown of the various HPC market segments and an outlook for specific economic sectors can be found on the Intersect360 Research website.

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