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Informatics company to help build biomedical research network

Genologics is to work with London Genetics to build a research network of scientists and doctors.

London Genetics is a commercial company that seeks to create and manage partnerships between the health care industry and biomedical research centres. GenoLogics, a supplier of data management software, will support this by advising the groups on how to implement lab informatics infrastructures underlying these networks.

Partners will be able to take advantage of its OMIX lab informatics platform and proteomics (Proteus) and genomics (Geneus) modules to provide a multi-lab and multi-science platform with a common database for all consortia partners, independent of role. This will in turn help allow the partners to interchange and share their research data

Current partners in the project include Imperial College London, King’s College London, The Institute of Cancer Research, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and University College London.


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