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IDBS ELN receives certification from the Safe-BioPharma Association

E-WorkBook, IDBS' ELN product, has received certification from the Safe-BioPharma Association, the pharmaceuticaal and healthcare industry's non-profit association for digital identity and signature standards.

'IDBS was one of the first vendors to join Safe-BioPharma Association and was the first ELN provider to join. We are pleased that E-WorkBook is certified as fully compliant with the standard,' said Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO of Safe-BioPharma. Certification provides Safe-BioPharma members with the assurance that the IDBS E-WorkBook meets the digital signature standard that the industry requires.

Safe-BioPharma certification confirms that IDBS’ customers can integrate their Safe-BioPharma digital signature infrastructures to E-WorkBook using ‘plug-and-play’, without the need for any customisation.

Regulatory compliant Safe-BioPharma digital identities can now be applied in E-WorkBook 8.2 using ‘plug and play’ for additional support of Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practice (GLP and GMP) records management.


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