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IDBS collaborates with University of Louis Pasteur

IDBS has made its cheminformatics suite PredictionBase available to members of the University of Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg.

The University will use PredictionBase during training courses available to both academic and commercial organisations.

Professor Alexandre Varnek, head of the master’s courses on cheminformatics, said: ‘The objective of the master’s training courses is to show best practice regarding cheminformations within drug discovery. We therefore are eager to demonstrate one of the best possible solutions relating to predictive ADME-Tox.’ ADME-Tox is the study of toxicity of drugs in the prcoesses of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

As part of the collaboration, IDBS has accepted a master’s student at its UK headquarters to help further strengthen the PredictionBase suite by working exclusively on the development and refinement of ADME/Tox predictive models. IDBS also plans to use the facilities at the Strasbourg University to host training courses and workshops relating to IDBS’ predictive technology.


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