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Imation RDX A8 certified for NovaBackup DataCenter

NovaStor has announced that Imation’s hard disk storage library RDX A8 has been certified for use with its enterprise backup software. With the eight RDX removable disk cartridges configured for 1TB drives, small- and medium-sized companies can access up to 8TB of data simultaneously. The multi-bay RDX A8 networked storage array may be accessed as either a backup target or as online storage.

As enterprise-level backup software, NovaBackup DataCenter supports the operation of the Imation RDX A8 in disk and tape library mode, allowing for full flexibility. Optimised for easy scalability and allowing for extreme data loads, NovaStor’s solution enables companies to take advantage of the flexible capacity of the Imation RDX A8, its fast access times, high data transfer rates and ruggedised media for reliable performance. With NovaBackup DataCenter and RDX A8, companies benefit from a cost-effective, yet high performance and easily scalable alternative to tape library backup.

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