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High-performance vehicle testing simplified with HPC

Swift Engineering, which designs and fabricates composite structures, has selected Platform HPC as its management solution. It will be used for high-performance vehicle design testing and simulation. Swift looked to enhance its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities and chose Platform HPC and Cray’s CX1 and CX1000 to expedite testing of new vehicle designs. With Platform HPC, Swift can now solve larger engineering problems quickly and process data up to 50 times faster than before. Analyses can also be run in parallel, allowing Swift to complete significantly more computations within a single day.

Swift’s Platform HPC deployment is currently focused on CFD, enabling the Swift team to easily simulate new ideas without having to build scale models or conduct extensive wind tunnel testing on each design iteration. As one of its first achievements leveraging Platform HPC, Swift designed the next generation of its Formula Nippon racecar for Japan’s premier formula racing series. The cluster technology allowed the design team to quickly vet concepts without scale models and extensive wind tunnel testing, enabling faster time to market and an aerodynamic design that achieves high downforce values as well as high cornering speeds that are approximately four times greater than gravity.

'Finding ways to reduce the design cycle and expedite testing through computer simulation reduces the time to market of our premier racecars and jet planes. Platform HPC is the ideal solution for Swift to accomplish this,' said Chris Norris, chief engineer, Swift Engineering. 'We’ve seen incredible results through the management software. Platform HPC enables Swift to solve bigger problems with more enhanced graphics at real time speed and process vast amounts of data 50 times faster.'

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