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GenoLogics teams up with Applied Biosystems

GenoLogics is teaming up with Applied Biosystems to provide an integrated lab and data management solution for its next generation advanced genomic analysis platform the Solid System.

'Our relationship with GenoLogics helps ensure that scientists using the Solid System are fully supported with an end-to-end lab and data management solution, enabling efficient management of their growing volumes of next-generation sequencing data,' said Roger Canales, Applied Biosystems' senior manager of the Solid Software Development Community. 'By providing a combined solution, our customers are able to seamlessly capture data across our applications, automate multiple data pipelines and manage all of their sequencing projects and data in Geneus, a centralised lab and data management system.'

As a member of the Solid Software Development Community, the nature of the relationship between Applied Biosystems and GenoLogics spans both technical and joint marketing initiatives. By making Solid technology customers aware of the unique strengths of Geneus, they will see a clear path as to how they can accelerate their next generation sequencing results with a fully integrated lab and data management solution.


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