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GenoLogics develops partner network

GenoLogics is developing a sophisticated network of key partners, to create end-to-end lab and scientific data management solutions, for various proteomics and genomics applications, such as cancer research, biomarker discovery, and translational medicine.

It kicked off the partnership initiative by demonstrating fully integrated translational research and cancer research solutions at the HUPO World Congress in Long Beach, California inOctober.

The focus is on creating best-in-class solutions that address the challenges of lab management, sample tracking, instrument integration and automation, and contextual scientific data integration. It will partner with genomics and proteomics analysis companies to address the bioinformatics requirements customers are asking for, and provide an end-to-end solution on one open, integrated, automated and configurable platform.

James DeGreef, VP product management, said: 'Our customers need the functionality of a LIMS system, but they also need a broader informatics solution that integrates all their lab instruments and bioinformatics software, while storing all clinical, experimental, biological, and results data in a central repository or database to enable holistic analysis.'


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