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Applied Biosystems launches software development community

Applied Biosystems has launched a new online software development community to encourage innovation in life science research software applications. The programme aims to produce software applications that allow easier data generation, analysis and management in emerging areas of life science research, such as analyses of DNA fragments, RNA and genomic copy number changes.

As part of the initiative, Applied Biosystems will provide scientists and independent software vendors with open access to its genetic analysis data file format, and a data file converter to help with developing next generation bioinformatics applications. These will allow increased productivity and data sharing on Applied Biosystems’ genetic analysers and real-time PCR sequence detection systems.

Geospiza was one of the first companies to join the new software development community and subsequently developed the Geospiza Genetic Analysis Integration Tool. This allows users of GeneMapper 4.01 and SeqScape 2.51 to query and search data contained with the Finch Suite data management system, which assists with clinical and pre-clinical genetic testing data based on DNA sequence analysis.


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