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Esteco Partner with Exa to provide single simulation solution

Esteco, a provider of numerical optimisation software, has announced that it has partnered with Exa Corporation, which specialises in fluid simulation solutions for product engineering, to integrate their products and offer a single solution for simulation-driven design space exploration and optimisation.

The integration between Esteco’s modeFrontier and Exa’s PowerFlow allows manufacturing companies to use fully accurate simulation and advanced algorithms to automatically find optimal combinations for maximum efficiency improvement.

Esteco's key product is a multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimisation platform to streamline the engineering process through innovative algorithms and integration with simulation software. This software is being integrated into Exa’s simulation solutions that enable users to gain insights about design performance early in the design cycle, thus reducing the likelihood of expensive redesigns and late-stage engineering changes.

‘Connecting the modeFrontier platform with Exa’s PowerFlow is a logical step for Esteco as it will offer our joint customers seamless integration with Exa’s highly validated simulation software,’ stated Chiara Viani, Esteco SpA Head of Marketing and Sales. ‘This partnership will provide today’s product design engineers with an efficient simulation process, state-of-the-art accurate airflow predictions, reduced development costs, and fewer prototypes.’

 ‘As industry eliminates physical prototyping and moves to a digital design process, companies face the issue that it is simply impossible to manually evaluate the impact of changing a large number of design parameters on performance objectives,’ remarked  Dr Ales Alajbegovic, Vice President of Ground Transportation Applications at Exa. ‘The combination of parameters that yields optimum performance is usually non-intuitive. We are thrilled to partner with Esteco to deliver world class solutions and help identify such combinations and to evaluate design tradeoffs. The integration node connecting Exa PowerFlow with modeFrontier, will provide engineers an easy-to-use solution to find the best design.’


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