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Swedish centre invests in bioinformatics software

The AlbaNova University Centre, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, has selected Qlucore Gene Expression Explore to aid research in proteomics, led by Professor Mathias Uhlen.

Dr Uhlén and his team are currently using the software for their work on the Human Protein Resource Project (HPR). The HPR programme, funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, has been set up to allow for a systematic exploration of the human proteome using Antibody-Based Proteomics by combining high-throughput generation of affinity-purified (mono-specific) antibodies with protein profiling in a multitude of tissues and cells assembled in tissue microarrays.

The Qlucore Gene Expression Explorer software will enable Dr Uhlén and his team of researchers working on the HPR programme to analyse and explore data sets (containing more than 100 million data samples) on a regular PC. The Qlucore software always provides the user with instant feedback, and also takes full advantage of all annotations and other links that are connected with the data being studied. This is achieved while also offering a number of powerful statistical functions such as false discovery rates (FDR) and p-values.


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