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Dotmatics and TetraScience announce technology integration

Dotmatics and TetraScience recently announced a strategic partnership to bring R&D labs an improved relationship with their scientific data.

As part of the partnership, TetraScience has developed data integration for Dotmatics software, including StudiesVortex, and Studies Notebook, which is available as both a data source and data consumer via the TetraScience Integration Engine. Dotmatics users can see their files automatically uploaded, parsed, and moved into Dotmatics, in real-time from any other TetraScience integration including scientific instruments and software.

‘Working with TetraScience enables us to not only expand our growing base of strategic partners but also help customers save valuable time, enabling them to focus more on scientific discovery,’ said Dotmatics CEO Stephen Gallagher. ‘TetraScience and Dotmatics have a shared commitment to improve data quality and standardise technologies between platforms.’

An example of this would be a scientist using TetraScience to prepare and load plates onto an instrument and run a protocol. After which, the file is saved directly to a network drive from the instrument. TetraScience recognises a new file has been uploaded and begins the integration process.

Every file is validated for appropriate naming structure and metadata, ensuring that it is standardised and tagged with the correct metadata, that it has moved through the TetraScience Data Lake, and that it is made available to Dotmatics for data normalisation and curves fitting where appropriate. When the user clicks on a file, the expanded view provides a detailed explanation of what happened at each step.

The file and the analysed results are stored on the Dotmatics Platform, either in the cloud or on-premise allowing for easy searching, retrieval and integration with other data.

Data standardisation provides the foundation for machine learning initiatives with both historic and future data sets.  As a result, scientists can work more efficiently, spending more time analysing results and making discoveries rather than going back and forth between resources. 

‘TetraScience automatically collects, standardises, centralises, and transports data from a variety of scientific sources,’ said Spin Wang, TetraScience co-founder and co-CEO. ‘The powerful integration between our two technologies opens new insights for scientists, improving data quality and accuracy, in a fraction of the time. Partnering with Dotmatics is another key milestone as we build our partner ecosystem of truly best-of-breed solutions.’

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