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Disease research facilitated by data analysis solution

The Germans Trias i Pujol Foundation (IGPT) will use sophisticated data analysis from Qlucore to gain greater insight into the causes and treatment of human disease.

Researchers at the Health Sciences Research Institute of the IGTP will be using Qlucore Omics Explorer to support their research into various diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and more.

The IGTP has an international reputation for its high-profile research activities in areas that include colon cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, hepatocarcinoma, surgical techniques, microbiology, neurology and basic research. By focusing on these key areas, the IGTP hopes to generate, preserve, disseminate and increase multidisciplinary and translational knowledge in all of these areas, and to support the continued technological development in biomedical sciences.

'Our aim at the IGTP is to become a research centre of reference, so that we can take all of the knowledge that we generate here and transfer it to clinical practice and therapeutic centres all over the world,' says Eli Pedrosa Tapias PhD, technical supervisor at the IGPT. 'Tools like Qlucore Omics Explorer are helping us to achieve this goal by making our research much more efficient, and by providing our researchers with valuable data that they can interpret very quickly. As a result, we can afford to be more creative with our theories, and therefore gain much greater insight into the mysteries of human disease.'

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