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DDN completes Tintri acquisition

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Tintri for $60 million after an extensive bidding process. This acquisition will see DDN enter the enterprise and virtualisation markets where it hopes to capitalise on Tintri’s software suite that includes server virtualisation, DevOps and VDI.

DDN’s first order of business is to restart world-class service and support for Tintri’s extensive installed customer base as early as this coming week, to enhance Tintri’s product roadmap with new features to be announced within 90 days, and to staff the Tintri global engineering, support, field technical, sales and marketing teams with 100 planned new hires before year end.

‘The amazingly positive validation of Tintri by its customers was unlike anything we had ever seen in more than 20 years in the storage industry. As a result, we started hiring ex-Tintri team members weeks before knowing the outcome of the Tintri auction and made large investments in what became a very successful VMworld trade show in August,’ said Paul Bloch, co-founder and president of DDN. ‘We thought that something as great as Tintri had to be preserved for its customers no matter what. We were fortunate to be the winning bidder and look forward to building an incredibly successful ‘Tintri by DDN’ division.’

‘We are very glad to welcome Tintri into our DDN family, and vouch to provide Tintri customers with the best support, products and features possible. The acquisition of Tintri strengthens and expands DDN’s position as a leading storage provider for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments,’ said Alex Bouzari, co-founder and chief executive officer of DDN. ‘Tintri offers the best analytics with predictive, efficient and intuitive insight for virtualized environments and databases. Combining these capabilities with DDN’s market-winning performance, efficiency and integration at scale for AI, technical computing and the enterprise is incredibly enabling for customers.’

The DDN team spent two months planning the proposed acquisition, focusing in great detail on the implementation and delivery of a world-class service and support infrastructure for Tintri’s customers and installed base; the expansion of the Tintri product portfolio in areas such as predictive analytics, virtualised environment acceleration and efficient provisioning, database enhancements, NVMe support and storage platform expansion; and structuring a significant Tintri support team.


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