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Darkstrand forms alliance with Ohio Supercomputer Center

Darkstrand has formed a strategic alliance with the Ohio Supercomputer Center in Columbus, US with the mutual objective of bringing the research and development capabilities of the centre to the national commercial marketplace.

The partnership enables corporations located anywhere on the Darkstrand Network to access OSC's computing power, technical infrastructure and expertise, and integrated services for collaborative high performance computing (HPC). Companies can also use the specialty resources of OSC staff and research institutions throughout Ohio and nationwide to enable HPC-based discovery in science and engineering. OSC specialties include:  bioscience, advanced materials, environmental science, visualisation, computational science and data exploitation.

'Since 2004, we have worked with local industry to meet their computational modelling and simulation needs,' said Stan Ahalt, executive director, OSC. 'Providing advanced cyber infrastructure through high performance computing coupled with national networking resources to Darkstrand's clients is a natural and welcome progression.'

Michael Stein, CEO of Darkstrand, said: 'Corporations that leverage the Darkstrand Network to work with OSC will gain the ultimate tools to harness incredible computing power to accomplish their goals more effectively, whether they want to visualise the interaction of intricate biological agents, model the pumping action of the human heart, or simply build a better mousetrap.'

OSC is currently connected to 17 points-of-presence throughout the state via OARnet. OARnet consists of more than 1,850 miles of advanced fibre network backbone attached to national HPC centres such as those sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy. US corporations connecting to Darkstrand will now gain access to the research capabilities of Ohio's innovative R&D institutions along with other Darkstrand Network partners, including: Calit2 at the University of California, San Diego; the New Mexico Computing Applications Center; and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

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