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CRO takes on LIMS to manage bioanalytical and analytical chemistry data

BRI Biopharmaceutical Research, a bioanalytical and DM/PK/ADME contract research organisation is using Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS to help manage the bioanalytical and analytical chemistry data generated by the company's principal laboratories.

This includes LC/MS/MS assays of specialised biomarkers, nucleotides, peptides and synthetic small molecule drugs in support of GLP PK/TK pre-clinical studies and clinical phase I to IV trials. Watson LIMS will also be instrumental in managing BRI's in vivo and in vitro DM/PK/ADME studies. The selection of Watson LIMS for BRI's laboratories reflects the growing demand for specialised bioanalytical research services and supports BRI's strategic expansion internationally.

BRI Biopharmaceutical Research, which offers services for both bioanalytical LC/MS/MS and in vivo DMPK/ADME lines of business, has standardised on Watson LIMS across its facilities in Canada. The company supports drug discovery and development by offering a comprehensive and integrated range of services that help clients reduce the time it takes to bring new drugs to market. The addition of Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS to BRI's facilities will not only ensure timely delivery of quality results to clients, but will also improve the internal operational efficiency and profitability of the company.

According to Clara Faan, vice president of operations at BRI Biopharmaceutical, 'We have a long-term commitment to information technology solutions that enhance our laboratory operations. Watson LIMS is a critical tool in our laboratory infrastructure that enables us to efficiently manage a wide variety of sponsor protocols and provides for the consistent and reliable delivery of data that is required for GLP and FDA submission requirements.'


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