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CRO selects high-throughput screening solution

Axxam, a leading contract research and discovery company, is using Genedata Screener to advance its high-throughput screening services. With Genedata Screener's flexible configuration capabilities and rich APIs, Axxam is able to tailor its high-throughput screening to specific discovery processes and effectively address challenging targets and multi-client/project research on a single platform. The system's high-performance data analysis across the entire screening cascade supports Axxam's early-stage therapeutic discoveries in different therapeutics areas.

'Axxam analyses data produced by screening cellular or biochemical assays, based on fluorescence or luminescence readouts,' explained Dr Michela Stucchi, head of screening technologies at Axxam. 'As a discovery company, we work frequently on projects with challenging targets. Therefore, we demand a flexible high-throughput screening solution that can be easily used by researchers throughout our organisation. Genedata Screener provides that flexibility while streamlining and simplifying complex assays. Moreover, users with basic skills can easily load and analyse data for a fast quality check. The solution has become an indispensable tool and the software of choice for our daily analysis. Furthermore, Genedata Screener functionality accelerates the hit-to-lead process, which optimises researchers' time and Axxam resources.'


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