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Cray and Intel team up for future supercomputing tech

Cray and Intel has signed a multi-year agreement to advance high-performance computing on Intel processors while delivering new Intel and Cray technologies in future Cray server systems.

The collaboration of these two industry leaders will result in high performance computing (HPC) systems that will help solve some of the world’s most complex scientific, engineering and humanitarian challenges.

We’re excited at the potential of bringing together Intel's powerful silicon expertise and Cray’s industry leadership in scalable HPC systems,' said Peter Ungaro, president and CEO of Cray. This collaboration provides the HPC market segment with access to the best microprocessors the industry has to offer at any point in time, in the most advanced supercomputers in the world.’

The two companies plan to explore future supercomputer component designs such as multi-core processing and advanced interconnects. As a result of this collaboration, Cray and Intel plan to develop a range of HPC systems and technologies over the next several years.

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