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Constellation Technologies and Cambridge University form cloud computing partnership

Constellation Technologies, the Oxfordshire-based developer of grid computing software, and the University of Cambridge eScience Centre (CeSC), have formed a collaborative partnership to investigate the opportunities offered by cloud computing for industry and academia. Constellation Technologies and CeSC have already delivered one successful pilot project for a major pharmaceutical company.

'Industry wants more than just access to raw computing resources,' said Nick Trigg, CEO of Constellation Technologies. 'Companies need solutions to their problems that are cost effective, scalable and easy to use, and that is exactly what Constellation Technologies will be offering in collaboration with its academic partners.'

Cloud computing promises to provide access to distributed computing resources over the Internet, and is widely seen as a way of reducing IT costs. It also has the potential to be an effective way for academic groups to collaborate.

'Building scientific and commercial applications in the cloud is a natural extension of our work in Grid technologies,' said Mark Hayes, director of Cambridge eScience Centre. 'We want to bring the results of this work to a wider audience.'

Constellation Technologies and CeSC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen connections between the two organisations, and to provide the basis for prospective projects and knowledge exchange activities.


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