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Cloud Advisory Council announced

A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to development of next-generation cloud architecture has been formed with the directive to provide cloud designers and IT managers with the tools needed to enable computing in the cloud, to strengthen the qualification and integration of cloud solutions and to provide best practices.

The Cloud Advisory Council is an industry collaboration of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), strategic technology suppliers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and end-users across the entire range of the Cloud market segment. Founding members include: AMAX, AMD, Atlantic.Net, Check Point Software, Colfax, DDN, Eucalyptus, Mellanox Technologies, Nanjing Standard Communication, Nimbula, ProfitBricks, SGI, Sugon, Supermicro and Xeround.

‘The Cloud Advisory Council has been established by industry leaders to develop a cloud specification and best practices for building the most efficient cloud infrastructures. This is critical for vendors as well as for the cloud users,’ said Eli Karpilovski, chairman of the Cloud Advisory Council. ‘The Cloud Advisory Council will assist and provide resources for industry and community organisations to better leverage their infrastructure and improve productivity and efficiency.’

Recognising the importance of establishing metrics for Cloud sustainability and performance, the Cloud Advisory Council will propose the use of a new metrics, Cloud Center Efficiency (CCE) and Power Consumption Efficiency (PCE), to address inefficient utilisations associated with cloud centres. The impact of efficient usage is emerging as extremely important in the design, location and operation of current and future cloud centres.

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