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Mellanox chosen by Netherlands cloud provider

Mellanox Technologies' InfiniBand solutions have been chosen by Cloud Provider, a cloud hosting and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider in the Netherlands, as the standard interconnect infrastructure for its enterprise cloud deployments.

With more than 500 clients and resellers, Cloud Provider offers its customers a cloud platform to build and scale applications and websites on-demand. Using Mellanox's InfiniBand interconnect solutions, Cloud Provider reduced their cost of deployment and decreased the complexity of their data centre environments, providing their customers with a significantly higher performance cloud computing platform at an overall lower price.

'In comparison to other interconnect solutions like Ethernet, Mellanox's InfiniBand offers us a faster and more stable transmission of data between our hypervisors and storage platform, enabling us to meet our customers' evolving demands for high performing cloud solutions with low latency, while keeping our costs low,' said Sander Cruiming, CEO of Cloud Provider.

'By leveraging Mellanox's unique InfiniBand interconnect performance, efficiency and scalability capabilities, Cloud Provider can offer a fast, stable, and scalable on-demand virtualised infrastructure that differentiates us from our competitors.'

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