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CLC bio signs agreement with J Craig Venter Institute

CLC bio has signed a strategic collaborative agreement with the J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), which focuses on genomic research. The accord consists of a multi-year site licence for the entire CLC bio bioinformatics suite of products. The goal is to implement CLC bio's enterprise solution as a scientific platform across all JCVI sites. This enterprise solution will provide different research projects at JCVI with a coherent integration layer and a standardised way of developing custom software and specialised algorithms.

According to Granger Sutton, senior director of informatics, 'JCVI will benefit from implementing this enterprise solution, as it is a full enterprise platform that integrates, supports, and enhances workflows across different technologies and geographical sites. CLC bio's software platform impressed our evaluators with its advanced features and intuitive, user-friendly interface.'

The enterprise solution CLC bio will be implementing at JCVI contains both server structure and support for all major database formats. This ensures a smart and efficient solution for sharing centralised bioinformatics data in a client/server architecture, where the server contains one or more databases and the clients are CLC bio's workbenches.


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