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Cerno Bioscience and Agilent Technologies partner

Cerno Bioscience and Agilent Technologies have partnered to provide Cerno's MassWorks calibration software to Agilent GC/MSD ChemStation users. This novel calibration tool increases the mass accuracy of Agilent's single quadrupole GC/MSD sufficiently to identify unknown compounds. Calibration normally requires use of much more expensive, larger instruments such as Quadrupole Time-of-Flight, or Fourier Transform Ion Resonance mass spectrometers.

MassWorks for GC/MSD uses Cerno's patented technology to calibrate raw MS data from Agilent's GC/MSD using peak shape, followed by CLIP formula ID based on spectral accuracy. This technique dramatically improves mass accuracy and enables single-quad instruments to identify unknown compounds. In addition to enabling compound identification without a library, the formula ID function also speeds and adds confidence to library searches. The combined capabilities of the Agilent GC/MSD Chemstation and Cerno's MassWorks means there is now an economic alternative to high-resolution GC/MS systems for formula ID.

'The combination of Agilent's GC/MS with Cerno's MassWorks holds real value for end users,' said Chris Toney, Agilent vice president and general manager, Mass Spec Systems. 'Customers can use their workhorse single-quad instruments to identify unknowns rather than rely on more specialised instruments with associated costs and delays.'

'We're delighted to enter into this relationship with Agilent, a recognised market leader in GC/MS. With Agilent's large install base and worldwide reach, we will be able to make MassWorks available to many more users,' said Dr Yongdong Wang, founder and president of Cerno Bioscience. 'By configuring and pricing MassWorks specifically for the GC/MS market, we can make this solution more attractive for all GC/MS laboratories.'

MassWorks is compatible with Agilent 5975 and 5973 GC/MS instruments running Agilent MSD ChemStation software.


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