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Cancer centres renew software licenses to enable microarray-based research

Several cancer centres have renewed their licenses for BioDiscovery's Nexus Copy Number, for use in micro-array based research. These include renewal of a multi-user license at the Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Keystone Program in Blood Cell Development and Cancer, renewal and expansion at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, and renewal and expansion at the National Cancer Institute. Since its launch more than two years ago, Nexus Copy Number has quickly evolved into one of the most popular and widely used commercial software tools for detection of copy number aberrations from aCGH and SNP arrays as well as statistical analysis of large cohorts of samples. One of its largest groups of users and early adopters has been the cancer research community.

Nexus Copy Number was designed specifically for researchers and users find it to be exceptionally easy to use. The software’s flexibility in allowing different algorithms, custom annotation tracks, capacity to process thousands of arrays from any manufacturer in one project and numerous other features have set Nexus apart from other software packages.


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