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Brussels institute selects ELN to manage scientific data

The Institute for Medical Immunology (IMI), part of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), has chosen the Agilent ELN to manage its scientific data.

'The Agilent ELN provides the perfect set of tools for organising the large amounts of data generated by our scientists,' said Dominique Demonté, deputy director of the IMI. 'It also will be helpful in the application of our internal intellectual property policy. We based our purchase decision largely on the Agilent system's ease-of-use, architecture and also on the level of support provided by the Agilent team.'

The Agilent ELN is designed to provide benefits beyond eliminating paperwork. Its scalable, integrated platform simplifies and accelerates the R&D process by facilitating collaboration in a secure framework. Researchers can easily search, retrieve and share data using the ELN's web interface.


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