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Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT employs E-notebook solution

The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT has extended its use of CambridgeSoft's Enterprise E-Notebook and Inventory applications. Initially introduced to a small community of scientists, the Broad decided to deploy CambridgeSoft's solutions to all chemists and biologists because of the proven improvements to individual productivity, group collaboration and IP protection.

'Over the last year, our scientists have come to rely on E-Notebook to perform their daily research and to collaborate effectively with their colleagues,' said Dave DeCaprio, associate platform director, Chemical Biology and Novel Therapeutics.

Michael Tomasic, president and CEO of CambridgeSoft, added: 'The scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard are hard at work trying to transform our understanding of genomics and human disease through collaborative research facilitated by technology. At CambridgeSoft we are thrilled to be part of the realisation of this vision.'

E-Notebook and Inventory provide an easy-to-use interface for organising essential research information. It allows for researchers to organise all information about experiments easily and to track all materials used in and created by these experiments effectively. By securing information in a single, global database, this information can also be shared throughout an entire organisation in an IP and 21-CFR Part 11 compliant environment.


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