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Bioinformatics platform developed through collaboration

Apticraft Systems, a US-based bioinformatics company, has announced the successful completion of a module for Primer Premier, a project assigned by Premier Biosoft International, USA.

'Primer Premier 6.00 has been developed to enable users to design highly specific PCR and SNP genotyping assays,' explained said Shonali Paul, director of Apticraft Systems. 'The powerful algorithm implemented also enables the use of well proven primers, and it designs a compatible set given any one primer,' added. The program algorithm employed by the program avoids homology, and performs the templating of secondary structure regions. The company states that this approach provides specificity to the primers used.

'Although the software interface design was challenging, the goal was to make it user friendly. Scientists at Apticraft were able to overcome the challenge through extensive domain research including the study of scientific publications, communication with users and several rounds of rigorous testing to output the best oligos,' commented Paul.

'Primer Premier 6 is a powerful tool for designing highly specific standard PCR assays. We are committed to keeping pace with the needs of research and rely on  Apticraft for architecting complex algorithms.' commented Kay Brown, vice president for business development and marketing.


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