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BioFocus streamlines its data management

BioFocus DPI has selected IDBS' BioBook to handle all of its ADME data management needs.

BioFocus DPI is the service division of Galapagos and offers clients a comprehensive suite of target-to-drug discovery products and services. BioFocus DPI required an electronic data management solution to streamline processes to meet the challenging demands of clients and projects within their ADME optimisation business.

BioFocus will use BioBook as an integrated data management tool, report generation system, task and QC process manager.

Dr Matthew Segall, senior director ADMET of BioFocus DPI, said: 'At BioFocus DPI, we aim to expand our partner's drug pipeline by accelerating the discovery process. To do this, we require high quality contextual data from a number of disparate sources. BioBook provides us with the flexibility to import raw data easily, perform data analysis and prepare reports in a single application.'

He added: 'BioBook will further increase the speed with which ADME data is reported to clients while maintaining the highest quality.'


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