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BioFocus partners with eMolecules to provide compound management

UK-based BioFocus, a provider of integrated gene-to-clinical candidate drug discovery services has signed a compound management agreement with US-based eMolecules, the creators of an open-access chemical structure search engine. Under the terms of the agreement, eMolecules has selected Compound Focus, BioFocus' San Francisco-based subsidiary for compound management, as its preferred partner for client compound order aggregation services.

Clients that order compounds from multiple vendors through the eMolecules platform will have the option to ship their compounds directly from the vendor to the Compound Focus facility where both liquid and solid samples will be reformatted into preferred storage containers, passed through analytical quality control and shipped to an agreed client destination.

BioFocus aims to expand its partners’ drug pipelines by accelerating the gene-to-clinical candidate discovery process. This is achieved through a comprehensive discovery platform, which includes target discovery in human primary cells, focused as well as diverse compound libraries, in vitro and cell-based screening, structural biology, medicinal chemistry, ADME/PK services, supported by unique chemogenomic and informatics tools, and compound library acquisition, storage and distribution services.


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