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Bielefeld University invests in hybrid supercomputer

A hybrid supercomputer consisting of 152 standard nodes, equipped with dual quad-core processors and connected with the InfiniBand network is being installed at Bielefeld University, Germany. Of these nodes, 104 will each contain two Nvidia Tesla M2075 GPUs and 48 will each be supported by four Cuda GPUs for fault-tolerant measurement routines. In total, 400 GPUs with a cumulative peak performance of about 500 teraflops will be available for intense computing.

Two companies, sysGen and Nvidia, are working together with the university to install the high-performance computer which will be dedicated to the simulation of Quantum Chromodynamics; the theory of strong interactions between quarks, the elementary constituents of all known matter. The supercomputer will be used to work out detailed theoretical predictions in order to facilitate the interpretation of experimental results, with the goal of comprehending matter at extreme conditions and developing an understanding of the physics of the early universe.

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